Ongoing project

Name of the project:  Advocacy to Enhance Justice for the Climate Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

Financial cooperation by:  Bread for the World (BftW), Germany.

Overall Goal: The interests, demands and needs of the most vulnerable people of Bangladesh are recognized and considered in national climate change policy which is pro-poor and vulnerability oriented

Objectives of the project:

  • NCCB successfully implements its campaign to enhance justice for the climate vulnerable people in Bangladesh
  • The affected and most vulnerable people in the project areas of the member organizations are mobilized and able to claim their rights
  • Network members have enhanced evidence-based knowledge and practice on cc and adaptation
  • The institutional set-up of the network is finalized and capacities are further enhanced

About the ongoing project

Based on its previous experiences the network has taken initiative to review the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (BCCSAP), Financing on adaptation measures, National policy on disaster and Sixth Five Years Plan of Bangladesh under the ongoing project of the network named “Advocacy to enhance justice for climate vulnerable people in Bangladesh”. As a part of executing the objectives, NCC,B has taken initiatives to form a National Climate Advocacy forum with to boost up  civil society voice in  the national level. In this connection the NCC,B has already formed  eleven District Climate Advocacy Forums(DCAF) with the help of respective partner organizations on their working districts.

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